Reem Al Shammary

Documentary - 17' - IT - 2023

A stylized film portrait surrounding the bedouin female boxer driven by her desire to forge a path into the Olympics and inspire a younger generation of women to fight against gender inequality in Jordan. 

Written and directed by Mattia Ramberti

DoP: Stefano Usberghi
AC: Arturo Brunetti
Original Jazz Sound Track: Luca Aquino
Editor: Veronica Scotti
Sound Design: Super Quiet Studio
Color: Lorenzo Ameri
Producer: Sara Cancemi
PA: Matilde Viscardini
Translator: Jawan Aklouk
Local Producer and Fixer: Mohammad Laith Mansou
Location Manager: Ahmad Mohammad Awwad
Production Company: Studio – x01
Executive Producers: Gabriele Rossi and Giorgio Viscardini
Art DIrection: Emiliano Bergonzi
Distribution: Zen Movie