Dirty Softs

1'18’’ - IT/NL - 2023

Silk, print with corrosion, steel, the collaborative work of Jenela Kostova and Inna Kochkina focuses on early and new Cyrillic in the contemporary social context. By using corrosion as a printing method they portray the cultural history of Cyrillic, the careless and coincidental manifestation of it, and its function in the present day.

Based on an idea by Jenela Kostova and Inna Kochkina

Director: Gabriele Rossi
DoP: Andrea Ciotti
AC: Alice Dal Pozzo
Editor: Riccardo Cazzaniga
Production Company: Studio – x01
Producer: Sara Cancemi 
PA: Matilde Viscardini

Special thanks to: Stichting Niemeijer Fonds, Mondriaan Fonds and San2