Shortmovie - 8’ - IT - 2020

Before shows a glimpse into the increasing paranoia of a young woman locked in her home during the COVID-19 emergency, a raw portrayal of the inner struggles we’re all currently facing. Before was produced by a crew also in lockdown, and created via remote collaboration.

Director: Gabriele Rossi
Story and Screenplay: Gabriele Rossi and Giorgio Viscardini
DoP: Giovanni E. Galanello
Actress: Francesca Gotti

Voices: Jacopo Abbate, Martina Mitrović and Simone Sala

OST and Sound Design: Alberto Ladduca

Digital Imaging Technician: John Murd

Editor: Gabriele Rossi

Production Company: Studio – x01

End credit song "Atlantico" by Mille Punti
Music and lyrics: Edoardo Bassi, "Retrofuturo", Vetro Dischi 2019